Election 2016

Okay, bear with me…

Donald Trump inherited a lot of money, and has grown his brand largely through frivolous lawsuits and exploiting the powerless. Despite many of his companies and most everything he touched failing, he developed a nearly sterling reputation as a successful business man.

He then started a campaign that, by all rights, should have been dead in the water six weeks in. Over the course of the election, he committed roughly 3,741 gaffes (conservatively estimating, of course) that would have buried much better campaigns. Despite his best efforts, he wins.

Perhaps most impressively, he managed to be somehow connected to every single terrible decision the WWE made over the course of a roughly three year period. Despite losing the company millions, he ends up a WWE Hall of Famer.

So… is it too much to think that as a president he can maybe keep failing his way to success?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. And I needed a little humor right now, because my real thoughts are a bit darker.

I’ve seen a couple of my friends posting statuses on Facebook to the effect of “I’m so disappointed in this country,” and to be completely honest, I really can’t agree. Not because I’m happy Trump won. In fact, I said repeatedly before the election that I could stomach just about any of the candidates except him. But just because that’s the democratic process. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Much as I might want to, I have a hard time holding a vote against strangers, whose reasons for voting I sincerely don’t know.

What I am disappointed in is my brothers and sisters in faith. What I can hold against people is all the support for our president-elect from otherwise rational people who call themselves Christians. That, to me, is just incomprehensible. That is completely inexcusable.

You cannot call yourself a follower of the Prince of Peace and yet follow a man who says he would order his soldiers to kill the families of terrorists; whose solution to conflict is “bomb the shit out of them.” You cannot claim to endorse the man who said the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself, and then endorse the man running on a platform of hate; a man endorsed by the KKK and who has a history of practicing discrimination. You cannot claim loyalty to the God who said “Love me above all else, serve me above all else, trust me above all else,” and then cast your vote based on a handful of Supreme Court seats.

You cannot serve God and love power, and this election was about power, pure and simple. This election was about maintaining our stranglehold on power in this country, and the rhetoric reveals it. The “lesser of two evils” mentality confirms it.

I don’t care if you think Clinton was worse. I don’t care if you think this was our last chance to preserve America (or, more shamefully, the GOP). I don’t care if you think a third-party candidate couldn’t win. Relative morality is not who we are, preserving America is not our business, winning elections is not our priority. Our only purpose on this Earth is serving, living, speaking, and voting in a manner consistent with a good God and with His teachings.

You can’t honestly look me in the face—scratch that. This isn’t about me. You can’t look someone who is not me, someone whose place in society is more fragile than mine, someone who is a woman, who is black, who is Hispanic, who is disabled, who is gay, who is trans, who is Muslim, you cannot look that person in the face and tell them that your support of this man was loving them.

More importantly, you cannot look God in the face and tell Him that your support of this man was loving Him.

Because ultimately, while this election may be remembered for generations, even for centuries, our actions, our love for others, what we do for “the least of these” will be remembered for eternity.


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About tharrington42

I teach English at an online school in Iowa. I am currently in the process of applying to grad schools. In my spare time I like to write, go biking, or lift weights.

6 responses to “Election 2016”

  1. MaryEllen Quint says :

    Great analysis Thadd!  I agree completely!Sad days ahead!  :(I think the saddest part of the whole election is that all the “hate” groups in this country will now take this as a mandate. 

    Lots to pray about! Did you see Garrison Keillor’s editorial in the Washington Post?  It’s worth a read.

    • tharrington42 says :

      Very, very true–especially about how much we need to pray! I was actually talking to my mom last night about the election results, and she said one good thing about it is that it crystallized exactly what we need to pray for. Namely that he would be surrounded with good and wise people, and would listen to them, and that Congress would stand up for what’s right in situations that our President won’t.

      I haven’t seen Keillor’s post yet. I will need to look it up. I do love Garrison Keillor!

      Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comment, Mary Ellen!

  2. robininlow says :

    “Our only purpose on this Earth is serving, living, speaking, and voting in a manner consistent with a good God and with His teachings.” Very well said – I’m so glad we’re friends.

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